Using Double sided foilage?

I am curious about the likey answer or directive concerning the last post from the thread above (unfortunately noone answered) say you pack a trim texture of a tree and it’s leaves in one material sheet. You would have to use two sided foilage which means the geometry of the tree trunk would be two sided, but since the inside is never seen, that means the gpu won’t have have to draw the

Your instinct with most performance questions should be to just open the editor and try it yourself.

You’ll get more accurate results that are relevant to your specific project and you’ll get them immediately. Asking the internet is a lottery, you may not get an answer, you might get one but it could be misinformation, or it just might not apply to your particular context.

I was curious enough to test this myself so I generated a tree trunk with Mtree in Blender with 5k triangles, threw a few hundred instances of it into a scene in Unreal and measured:

Will these results hold true for your project? No idea.

This was tested in 4.27.1 and I’m on a 3900x/GTX 1070, for reference.


Hi, Thanks for taking the time to help and the test.

I fully agree.

Replicated your test and there was a drop in fps as well using masked two sided foliage, Its definitely better to use two materials- one opaque and one two sided for the foliage. More foliage textures for other assets can also be packed in that texture. By the time you add other assets to the scene, that fps difference will definitely come in handy.