Using Custom depth, Custom Stencil and Deffered decals for visualizing characters effects (Multiplayer)

Wondering how can I implement properly the technique used for paragon on creating character mesh effect without using the master material. I tried using deffered decal with custom stencil mask but i got problems on the projection of decal on skinned mesh. Also is there a way where can i filter out decal projections? like environment decals should only affect the static meshes so that it will not affect my character.

About the projection problem

Decals are almost like projectors: the light comes from one direction. So, if your mesh’s normals are perpendicular to that direction, you’ll get a stretched texture. To avoid that, mask your decal using 3D data instead of textures, like Normals. If you really need a 2D texture to work, Blueprint your decal to make it always look at the camera, so it’ll be really hard to notice the stretching.


Inside Decal materials you can use the SceneTexture node. From it you can get the CustomDepth and CustomStencil textures and filter your objects. Also, the normals I was talking above, you get from this node too (WorldNormal texture).

As an example, I made a character have a Rim light by comparing the CameraVectorWS to the WorldNormal SceneTexture. I set him to render on the CustomDepth Pass and I used that inside the Decal material as a mask, so the floor won’t get lit.

About projections, i just made a decal component from the character blueprint. Im not sure on how to use 3D data instead of textures. Also, currently the decal is screen space, I want it to become skinned on the mesh.

For filtering, yes i did that but i have another issue since my character mesh “Should recieve decals” is on, environment decals is also affecting my mesh.