Using Color Curve in Materiasl

I have been looking for a way to replicate the colors and a sun rise and sun set.
I found this color curve in the engine.

But i can’t figure out how to use color curve in materials.

Color curves would be perfert to place at the horizon to create the look you see at a sunrise/sunset with scattering of light + colors

better pic

You mean the sun’s color or atmospheric scattering? Atmospheric Fog changes the color of the sky for you automatically depending on the directional light’s position. And you can set the sun color with a vector curve in a timeline.
If you are using a skybox which is occluding the atmospheric fog then you can use AtmosphericFogColor node in the skybox material to get that information.

I was thinking more of this:

I tinkering with atmospheric fog to see if i can reproduce the look in those examples.
But my question was about the horizon color.

but that picture is the colorcurve i was talking about.

Would love to know how to use CurveLinearColor. The thing about the horizon colors in RL.
is that it contains even 4 to 5 seperate colors.
while the horizon color in the default Skybox contains a gradient of three.
I need a gradient of multiple colors so i can reproduce beautiful horizons like in RL.
Hence why it would be awesome if someone could share how to use color curve in the meterial/blueprint editor.

I understand what you mean, but again, take a look at Atmospheric Fog, and if it doesnt satisfy you you can set the color information for your skybox horizon as a parameter inside the material, and then set a timeline with a color curve that has the color information in your screenshot and feed it to the dynamic material instance in your skybox BP.
To make/get color curves, create a Timeline and you’ll see three buttons on top left corner; the one with C icon is the color track.