Using capsule shadows with raytraced distance fields shadows


I don’t know if I am doing it wrong but I cannot manage to get the result I want. It seems like capsule direct shadows don’t work as expected.

I’m using a rectangle light with raytraced distance fields shadows and a stationary skysphere. As you will see on the screenshots, there are two setups but neither offers an acceptable solution.

In the first image :
The first character produces correct capsule shadows. The first static mesh has its shadow baked which is ok. But then the movable mesh doesn’t have raytraced distance fields shadows but a shadow map instead which is not the behaviour I would expect.

In the second image:
I set the light movable. Both static meshes display DF shadows but there are no capsule direct shadows.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks !!

Really looking forward from an update on this from the Dev team. I’ve been having this same issue, and I’ve hit the “dynamic actors cant cast DFS through any other than Directional Lights cause it’s not supported” wall.