Using C++ to set payload of sequencer events

we are currently using C++ to generate cutscenes in Sequencer to handle some dialogs. What we want to do is generate a sequence containing an event for each dialog line that should be played so that the UI can update depending on it at the right moment.
We want to populate each event payloads with the content of the corresponding dialog line. The problem is, every time I start the sequence, the payload’s parameters are set to none. Here is my event after I compile and start the project :


and here it is after I press play, simulate or anything like that :


Here is the code I use to create the event and its payload, did I miss anything ?

// create the payload and its parameters
FEventPayload Payload;
		Payload.EventName = "SEQ_DisplayLine";

		FMovieSceneEventParameters Params;
		UDialogEventParams* EventParams = NewObject<UDialogEventParams>(this);

		EventParams->bBoobool = false;
		EventParams->Parameters.CharacterName = FText::FromString("Name");
		EventParams->Parameters.DialogLine = FText::FromString("A well written sentence");


		Payload.Parameters = Params; 
// create the event
		EventData.AddKey(0, Payload);

And here are the structures I use for the payload’s parameters :

struct FDialogEventParamsStruct
	UPROPERTY(BlueprintReadOnly, Category = "Dialog")
	FText CharacterName = FText();

	UPROPERTY(BlueprintReadOnly, Category = "Dialog")
	FText DialogLine = FText();

class UDialogEventParams : public UScriptStruct

	FDialogEventParamsStruct Parameters;

	bool bBoobool = true;

If anyone knows what’s missing, I’m open to any solution =)

Thanks in advance!

Update : I managed to have my parameters not set to None by Adding flags in the NewObject function I use to create the UDialogEventParams.
I can now trigger any blueprint event in the Level Blueprint, but only those which have no parameter, I don’t know why, even when my parameters are matching with my struct’s variables.
If anyone has any idea I’m still searching =)