Using c++ to call specality managed C# dll

So I’ve been working on this issue for months now, and have finally decided to make a post about it because its driving me crazy. My mate and I have been working on a project dealing with lighting software protocol called ArtNet which currently were receiving data from via a hacked up C++ to C# socket setup that is very very very unreliable and a major performance hit because the data is constantly streaming at very high rates. We want to cut the over head and bring the data directly in to Unreal, however the only library that we’ve been able to find that will compile under windows is this C# library

What we would like to know is is there any way at all to make this dll work with our existing C++ code to bring the data into the blueprint scripting interface via blueprint callable? Any assistance would be greatly appriciated this has been an issue going on now for about 4 months now we’ve been trying to find a better solution and this is the only avenue that we could think of to bring the data directly in via library and cut networking overhead.


I’m new to Unreal and I want to achieve the same as you want (I think), to integrate the artnet library into unreal using c++ classes. For controling virtual lights using artnet protocol.

I have used successfully a implementation of artnet protocol called libartnet writen in C, that you can use directly into c++. I used it with openframeworks projects, in c++.

I don’t now if you can use external libraries in Unreal, I’m still learning how Unreal Engine works.

I leave you the link to libartnet and it’s documentation.

I will be working on it myself too, I will let you know if I get something, I hope this helps!

I used this page as a reference to add an AI dll to my project.