Using branded clothes

Short and sweet, do i need a licence or do i need to contact a brand to be able to safely use their clothing within my game?

Yes. Any IP you need permission to use in a game, unless it’s fair use or public domain.

Fair enough thanks for that, i personally don’t see what a companies problem would be they are getting exposure of their products.

Unfortunately a lot of companies don’t see it that way, especially if it’s a violent game or their product can be destroyed. Also companies can claim that you are making money off their IP without paying for permission to use it.

And if you could use it without permission, what’s stopping other games/movies/shows from using it? What if it ends up on the cover of a game or in promotional screen shots?

Don’t ask for permission, offer them product placement.

Yeah i get that, it is going to be a skateboarding game so not very much violence involved at all.

Good point, instead of pitching it as a request tell them that it will be a product placement, very good point also did not think of that!