Using Anim Graph Events to Modify Character


Question about Anim Graph Events, I have been trying to find more information about them, but have failed so I thought I would ask the question here. I am specifically talking about these events

Which are then implemented in the event graph

I believe the animation graph runs on a separate thread from the main game thread, but are these events run on the game thread or on the thread running the animation graph. If so issues could arise if events are called on the character class, such as if they were used to perform some logic on a character when an animation finishes, but if this occurs outside the game thread this could run into multi-threading issues.

I would assume this isn’t actually a problem and it runs on the Game Thread for simplicity, but I just want to clarify

i dont know the answer to what youre asking, but ive used notify events to modify things the character blueprints and never had a problem