Using Ambient Occlusion Map With Layered Material

Hey guys!

I recently started tinkering around with material functions and layered materials. My dilemma is I’m having a hard time figuring out how to add in my ambient occlusion map into my material.

I added a screenshot to show the setup I have. I have 5 material functions that I’m blending together and controlling with masks. How can I include my AO texture map into my material without disturbing the masking and blending? Is there a “Insert AO Map Here” node somewhere? Thanks in advance.

I think you will find your answer there :

Hope it help!!!

Oh wow! Thank you for the quick reply, Lucas. You gave me a two for one answer. Adding in the normal map would have been my next question. I’ll try adding both maps and post back. Thanks a bunch!

I tested it out and it works great! Both my AO and normal maps have been added in. Thanks again for your help Lucas! You’re awesome :slight_smile: