Using a SlateStyle, without making it GlobalStyle?

I have a Slate implementation of my UI up and running. I currently have a SlateWidgetStyle setup for use with the project. Eventually, I’d like to release a submodule used in our game for the community, but I’d prefer to not require editing of the Projets.cpp file for end users. Are there any other means available of getting a Designer friendly style into the engine, without creating a global?

Here’s what I have currently, so the designer can use the style:

#include "SlatePractice.h"
#include "MenuStyles.h"

class FSlatePracticeGameModule : public FDefaultGameModuleImpl
	virtual void StartupModule() override
	virtual void ShutdownModule() override

IMPLEMENT_PRIMARY_GAME_MODULE( FSlatePracticeGameModule, SlatePractice, "SlatePractice" );