Using a script to render an object to an image from camera view

Dear community,

I am pretty new to UE4 (as well as other game engines). We got a project has the following requirements but I have no clue where to find a proper example or so to start with.

We have ~10000 3D models in OBJ/PLY/other common 3D model format.

Let’s say we have 1 of those models, here are the steps I want to do with a fully automated script.

  1. Create a scene (can be as simple as a blank scene)
  2. Load the object to the scene, probably at the origin of the world coordinate system
  3. Add materials or textures to the object
  4. Set lighting (and probably other environment components but let’s say just lighting for now)
  5. Set a fixed camera, which points to the object.
  6. Render an image from the camera view

The result image could be something like this (I understand for creating these two sample images I moved the camera itself to get the different views of the object but you get the idea)

I understand this can be done with the UE4 GUI but we cannot manually do this for all of the models, also consider that for each model, we may randomly rotate the object to get multiple different views of the object (and the result images, of course).

I am looking for any sample scripts, learning tutorials or other resources and any help is much appreciated!