Using a scene capture makes shadows disappear on ATI cards (4.8 promoted branch)

We’ve implemented a scene capture object (as a SceneCaptureComponent2D inside an actor blueprint) that renders to a texture.

The scene capture gets activated when the player selects the character, and deactivated when the player deselects it.

We’re finding that on nVidia cards, this works fine. But on ATI cards, all the shadows in the entire game (which are DFS shadows) stop rendering whenever the scene capture is active.

So far we’ve tested this with 2 nVidia cards – both work fine – and 3 ATI cards, and on all of those, shadows disappear when the scene capture is active.

Hi -

I have just tested this using this commit (CL-2484152) and could not reproduce this issue with an ATI or NVIDIA card.

Thank you for your report, if this problem returns please let us know.

Eric Ketchum