Using a custom font without problems.

Hello there. For my project, I’m using a dowloaded font (CC Astro City)

I managed to get it to work, but some letters look cut:

I can’t find a solution. Any ideas on what’s causing this/how to avoid it?

Here’s the project, as well as the font:

Thanks in advance.

Is there a option somewhere to set the size of the characters?

I think you’re referring to the ‘Extend box’ in the import options. However, if I use it, all letters will have too much spacing. How can I set it for one specific character?

I know that when a font in bitmap format will require you to have appropriate bounds around each character that are of the same size.
So each character would have to fit into a predefined box and the box’s would be adjacent.
This knowledge comes from working on creating a font renderer with just D3D.

I am not sure, I have not tried importing a custom font into UE4 yet.

Is there not a font tutorial that can be used as a baseis?