Using a Chaos in Sequencer for filming

Hello dear friends, is somebody knows, how to play Chaos destruction in animation sequencer?
I’m making a film, and I want to drop and crash big rock. Is it possible to translate Chaos effect from simulation game to animation sequencer and play?



houdini simon has lots of videos showing sequence destruction

He is using Chaos in a game mode, not an animation sequencer, its not helpful link. I know how to use Chaos, but I don’t know how to play it in an animation sequencer.

I found some parts, but it doesn’t work.

1 - Put the mash inside of scene.
2 - Use Fracture Editing mode to generate a new Asset (geometry collection), then Fracture it.
3 - On the World Outliner I click(right) on the Geometry Collection, then go down to Caching and chose a Create Cache Manager
4 - Click on the ChaosCacheManager, select CashCollection and create new asset (open it, its empty)
5 - Select Record mode and play a game (after this, CashCollection showing the some data recorded)

But how to replay it inside an Animation Sequencer, how to track…

you can drag and drop it into the sequencer, then use the ‘start time’ to keyframe it…
That seems to be the next logical step but I am also stuck trying to actually record this out now… You’d think it should be possible since I can scrub through it in sequence but when I hit play or record only the original plays without the start time scrub…

Follow these steps:

  1. Place a ‘ChaosCacheManager’ actor to your level.
  2. Select the ‘ChaosCacheManager’ actor in the outliner.
  3. In details panel create a new ‘Cache Collection’.
  4. In ‘Observed Components’ add your Geometry Collection and make sure to give it a ‘Cache Name’ else the cache will not be stored.
  5. In ‘Cache Mode’ select ‘Record’ and then simulate your Chaos destruction in the viewport.
  6. After simulation ends, stop simulation and select ‘Play’ in ‘Cache Mode’.
  7. Add the ‘ChaosCacheManager’ track in the sequencer and add its ‘Start time’ track.
  8. Put keyframes for beginning and end and it should play the cache.

Hope this helps!

Hi guys, I finally got this to work properly, in the end after using the Chaos Cache Manager to record the simulation… you actually need to create a new Blueprint Class (ChaosCachePlayer) drag this into your scene and set it up exactly as you do the ChaosCacheManager, The player is the one you can put into sequencer and it will let you not only keyframe the Start time but it will work when you hit Play or try to record unlike using the Cache manager in the sequencer - Hope this helps anyone else who tripped at this final hurdle too!