User rebindable keys under OpenXR

Are user configurable in-game key bindings supported under OpenXR? Looking at it, there doesn’t seem to be any way to enumerate the keys of the current controllers.

With the abstracted action system it would seem more ideal to have it handled on the runtime side, but none of them seem to have implemented it yet.

SteamVR has!

In SteamVR Settings, go to Controllers - > Manage Controller Bindings. Or here’s a handy link: http://localhost:27062/dashboard/controllerbinding.html

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It’s great that it works now. Last time I checked it was completely unresponsive to OpenXR applications.

There are still a lot of issues with setting up rebindable keys under OpenXR.

Binding boolean actions on axes doesn’t work, and setting up an axis action that is interpreted as a boolean action inside the game logic results in an axis action in the binding interface. This makes it very hard for users to understand the purpose of the action, and impossible to change the threshold or direction. The XR_VALVE_analog_threshold extension might help with some of this, but it would still require decoupling the Unreal action from the OpenXR action.

Having actions on a touchpad press also requires two actions to implement, leading to even more clutter.

Having actions that are unbound by default causes them to not be picked up by the OpenXR plugin. This makes it impossible to have multiple user selectable options for things like locomotion, without all the options being simultaneously enabled by default.

The UE4 input system doesn’t support sub-actions, which means you have to have separate actions for everything that can be independently triggered from both the left and right motion controller. This leads to unnecessary clutter in the binding menu.

Custom action sets are not supported, which also leads to clutter in the binding menu.