User Interface Kit

User Interface Kit
A great collection of widgets & UI elements for your projects [HR][/HR] [HR][/HR]

Now available on Sellfy:
Now available on UE4 Marketplace…-interface-kit [HR][/HR]

Hey everyone!
After a long time of creating and tinkering our “UI kit” we finally submit our content in the UE4 marketplace!
Our goal is to make a kit that will make easy to prototype your user interface in a few minutes using included widgets and icons!

I’ll include a description of the content below:

  • 3 Working **minimaps **(Shown below) with zoom capabilities, map capturing, ability to use your own maps, points of interest etc)

  • 1 simple Compass

  • 4 Working ***actionbars ***where you can bind anything you need! (Includes a nice code base and examples!)

  • Several health/mana/experience (&more) **bars **to make a prototyping game look great (Those will include horizontal bars like the one below and round/circular orbs. You can obviously choose whatever color you need!)

  • Two styles of window widgets - *resizable *and *draggable *and with (optional) *tabs *where you can add any content you wish (like an inventory or a talent tree)


~40+ **Spell **icons
~10+ Modern weapon icons
~15+ Sword/axe/armor etc icons
~20+ Generally used item icons (like coins, gold, rocks, wood etc)
~Several potions/**consumables **etc
~A few **setting **icons (like achievements, character menu etc)

Every single widget will come with several use case examples on the showcase level and will be well-commented and documented!
I’ll include some screenshots from our level:

Since we want our content to be accessible to everyone who needs it but we also want to be able to release updates and support anyone who buys it we’ll have a price of $59.99!

This thread will also serve as a support thread and I’ll try to keep it updated with our latest updates!

Sounds very useful. Be sure not to price it so low you cannot afford to support it going forward.

This looks great, and yes exactly what Havoc said as well. Cant wait to see more

Thanks a lot! I hope they’ll be soon available! Do you think something in the $50 range should be good? Or too much? Unfortunately I don’t have a good idea about the volume of sales to make a good prediction :frowning:

Every icon and texture displayed and contained is 100% created by us, exclusively for this pack! We included the icons to make a more “complete” UI kit since I found many times needing simple item icons for prototyping!

Looks really cool.And regarding pricing I think 50-60 dollars should work.Based on my own experiences and I think others here can confirm, princing it lower does not necessarily increase your revenue,but it does increase the support you have to give to everyone, so don’t go too cheap. Good luck with it! Will probably buy it at some point!

Yeah that seems quite right! Thanks a lot too!

We also plan to make a video tutorial soon since it will probably help everyone integrate the kit to his own project!
Also do you guys have any requests on extra widgets? Maybe a few more icons of a specific type? We’ll be glad to add a few extra stuff till we submit on Monday!

This is a great idea, and looks incredibly well done. You have a buyer here :slight_smile:

Price? Has to be $60 minimum surely? It would be a bargain at that price.

Ideas for other widgets? How about incoming damage direction indicators?

Looking forward to this, I hope it doesn’t take months to get on the Marketplace.


This is pretty sweet! How easy is it to swap out styles with our own?

One of the most amazing assets 100% usefull, answer 1 question, its possible to show the mini map (not when you are over something like in the vid) only when use an item?

This is a pretty awesome kit. As for using your own styles, I bet its pretty basic to do as long as it scales well

Looking forward to this it looks very practical and good graphics

Yeah I’d pay 50-60 for it no problem. Would be a release day sale for me.

this rocks! Well done!

Hey love the work you guys did on the UI kit looks great!

I would personally pay upwards of $120 for this given how many hours went into making it and how much time it would save me.

With a higher price you can limit the number of initial developers to the ones where this kit meets a majority of their needs. If you price it too low you will bring in much more noise from a long tail of developers who will ask for a much wider range of features and spread your effort thin. I think for the first few weeks/months you want to hone the product to meet the expectations of the higher paying developers rather than try to go after more revenue with a lower price. I think 10 great and serious developers at $100 is better than 100 hobbyist developers at $10 for the initial stages of this kit. Over time you can lower the price when you are ready to expand the features.

Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll think about making a list about a few extra widgets like this one that we will add in a future release! I like the idea and it seems both useful (probably to everyone) and not very hard to implement!

Swapping styles should be quite easy as long as the textures you import are cropped in the same manner with ours. For example the actionbar is made from one center piece (the slot) since it’s repeated for as many slots as you need - and the two side pieces (left and right).

Thanks a lot! The minimap and all the other stuff are independant widgets. You should be able to just add and remove them from screen whenever you want!
Also the examples we use have in the level are as general as possible. We used simple triggers to open the windows but you can obviously replace them with the press of a button, use of an item or just the simple buttons on the UI.

Now about the price we are still thinking about it! What you have all mentioned about not going too low seems right and we’ll take it into consideration! Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Price it too high and people will build their own. I would buy it at 50 and maybe a bit more, but too high and I’d just use what I have already and continue to refine it. You aren’t selling this to dev companies most are indies with families and bills.

Thanks. I implemented my own yesterday and when I saw this post I thought it might be a useful addition for a future update.

Regarding your mini maps, is there provision to show an orientation for markers on the map? E.g. an arrow showing which way an enemy is currently facing? If not, would you be able to squeeze that in or just make sure that there’s enough info for us to add it ourselves please?


Hey! At this time we don’t have this but I feel it should be easy to change something (just a tiny bit of the minimap material) to support it. We would love to squeeze it before we release but we feel that it’s a bit better to submit today the first version (to enter the marketplace queue) and then update it with a few extra features/fixes!
Since it’s an easy feature though and we plan on making a tutorial before it’s released anyway, we might make a small video :slight_smile:

After some thought we’ll set the price at $60. I think it will make it quite accessible to someone who needs but it’s enough to cover our expenses and enable us to offer good support (& updates) in the long run! I hope it’s a good decision!

Understood, feature creep is a dangerous thing!

A video would be perfect, thanks!

Did you do this entirely in Blueprints ? Any C++ involved ?