Use VR HMD/Controllers as Virtual Camera for Production? (Help!)

hey everyone, so I’ve searched the internet throughout endlessly for weeks now, I’ve yet to find a solution to my problem. I’ll try to explain it as best as I can.

I’m using the Oculus Rift S by the way!

basically, I’m creating a Shortfilm within UE4. I’ve resorted to basic key frame movements with the cinematic camera. But I’ve always wanted handheld looking shots. I don’t want to artificially generate noise and apply it to a camera because that still looks fake.

i want to essentially use either my HMD’s position, or one of my touch controllers as the controller for the camera.

Ive gotten the camera movement of a Cine camera attached to a Pawns VR hand, but since the hand only spawns in when in the editor mode, the camera immediately loses attachment to the object when scrolling through the sequencer.

Anyone have any solutions?

Hi @Vurosia Were you ever able to find a working solution into getting the Oculus to work with the Virtual Camera like a real-life cinema camera?

Hi @Vurosia and @mr_seoulxvibes85 - did either of you find a solution for this please? Thanks!