Use Variables in a Material

Hi Everyone,
I would like to change a texture of a material from an HUD. For do that, i thought made variables in the HUD then work with them variables in the material to change texture (Exemple for a body: changes clothes textures). But i can’t use variables in Material. So How to do that? Or maybe you have a better solution?
Thank you

you can use variables in materials. to do this, open the material then right click on any textuers, constants, colors, etc. that you need to change then choose “convert to parameter”. then, in the content browser right click on your material and choose “create material instance”. Then, in the blueprint that you are trying to change these variables you will make a node called “create dynamic material instance” and whatever actor has the material on it will go into the target pin. after that, you can set each parameter by its name to whatever value you want.
Note: in order for this to work, the material instance needs to be on the actor, not the original material
and referencing specific components wil probably be a lot easier in the level blueprint instead of using the hud blueprint.

Thank you

So I convert to parameter in my material then make a material instance from my material. Then, from my Blueprint, I create the node “create dynamic material instance” and put my material. But, after that, i don’t understand what i have to do. Do I need to create an actor?