Use UE5 mesh to Metahuman face in UE4

Hi all, I’m too excited to know that it is not only possible but also not too painful at all. The only tools you will need are FBX converter and Blender. So, I decided to make my first ever post here to help someone on the internet that is trying to achieve this as myself.

The workflow is very straightforward.
Make your UE5 metahuman, export to Blender, reimport to UE4.

Here are the detailed steps to follow:

  1. Make your mesh to metahuman in UE5
  2. Make all the edits you want in Metahuman creator, but remember we will only transfer the face mesh to UE4, not any groom.
  3. Export your face mesh inside UE5. Remember to check “Morph target”
  4. Take the FBX into Blender (Please follow this amazing post: Sculpt Metahuman Face on Blender, then import back for livelink)
  5. Export all the LODs
  6. Open UE4, duplicate an existing Metahuman face mesh, and click “Reimport all LODs: New file”
  7. A window will pop up asking to fix the material names, just let it fix.
  8. That’s it! If you got crazy grooms, go to your groom and right click “Rebuild” and recreate bindings.

Enjoy having your custom Metahuman inside UE4!

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A bit of clarification to step 5:
Export each LOD one by one, and import them back one by one :slight_smile: