Use UE4 without editor (code only)


I’m new to UE4. I’ve got a question if it’s possible to use UE4 without Editor.

What I mean is if it’s possible to create stand-alone PC application which will allow user to load some models and than display them using UE4? Or is UE4 too complex for that and only included editor can cook levels and create exe?

Thank you for any help!

Very possible, in fact the editor is written using UE4.

I’m interested in this as well, it would be cool to use it in my low spec laptop to code and only run the game when needed. anyone has pointer on this?, thanks

Do you achieve to build a simple program ? If yes, can you share how ?

Yes you can, first you can build engine without editor, 2nd you can dynamicly load and unload modules, not sure about assets, but there should be away i think. Problem is engine alone don’t have any control UI other then console, so it would be very hard to manipulate it.

Hey did you find any other resources related to this? Thanks!


One of the best features of Unreal is the editor. If you don’t want to use the editor, then you don’t need Unreal at all. You can try using a game framework without and editor like libGDX (a google search will bring up a lot more). These game frameworks don’t have an editor, are light weight and use coding as the main means of creating a game. These game frameworks are more than enough for what you want to do.

Hope this helps.