Use two different Agent Radius for two different levels?

Hey Eduniga,

There are 2 things you can try,

On your navmesh, you can select an agent.


Or in your World Settings


Hello, I have two levels, and each level has a different dinosaur. One has brachiosauruses and the other one has raptors in it. Both dinosaurs move around the navmesh volume, however, since the two dinosaurs have different body size, one requires a higher agent radius to move around the navmesh (brachiosaurus). However, I am not able to achieve setting two different agent radius for each level. I can only set one agent radius for both levels

As seen in this picture, the agent radius for the brachiosaurus is set to 300, this way it can stay away from trees due to its big body size

These are the raptors, the agent radius is set to 100, this way they can travel closely around rocks without staying as far away as the brachiosaurus from objects.

I tried setting two nav agents but of course, it doesn’t work. I must be missing something. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

As far as I understand, the system will pick the agent setting with the closest radius to it’s capsule radius.

Thank you so much, I was trying the first solution and it wasn’t working properly but the second solution worked!