Use Sky Box texture as projection from a static camera onto mesh


Just getting back into Unreal (been using unity lately ,but want to get back into unreal)

I have a HDRI skydome of a beach/cliff area that I have setup in a sky light for my main ambient light, and also a sky sphere using the Material SampleParamaterCube. With linear colour input. This ismy default dome BG

I want to us the same image (Actually Iwill add some alphas to cut out areas soon) as a static projection on some geo I will buld for the geometry (some basic poly card geo). So this will give the env a little 3d shape as opposed to fully dome like.

I cant work out what combination of material nodes to use. If I just use cameraWS it redraws based on the player camera.
I wan to specify a source/static camera that never move and projects onto the geo. I’ll place this camera roughly where I shot my dome, and build up layers of geo around it to give a 3d space.

SO the question is…how do I setup that material with a static location for the source camera. So that when the player camera moves the texture does not move with it.



How about creating a MaterialParameterCollection, adding a vector parameter for your desired static camera position, and sampling your texture cube with something like normalize(AbsoluteWorldPosition-StaticCamPosParameter)?

edit:wrong order.

That actually work, thanks!! Took me a while to work out all the terms (first unreal material setup in a long time)…but it got me there and learnt on the way.

Many thanks!