Use screenshot as material during runtime?

I am trying to create a camera function in which the player can take a photo, then view the photo on a separate plane object. Is it possible to use screenshots taken in-game to create a material during run-time? If so, how?

Thanks for the answer, I have tried installing the Victory Plugin. However, it has not been updated since early 2016. So it is no longer compatible with the most recent version of unreal engine. Is there another way?

You’re kidding. I’m using it in every project. Look at the forum.

You might want to look into Scene Capture 2D.
-Create a Scene Capture Component 2D in your character attach it to your camera
-Create texture render target and assign it to the scene capture component.
-On a button press call “Capture Scene” on it
-Assign the render target to texture parameter of the material on the plain.

This would work if you only wanted to use the players viewpoint. if you have a 2d hud or userinterface then that would not get captured.

Thank you, once I sought out some blueprint problems. This will work perfectly.

could you explain those steps a bit in more detail? How are you getting the “plane material”?

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Hi, look at this plugin on UE Marketplace, it may help you!
Screenshot as Texture2D in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace (

What plane? Where does plane material come from?