Use RotateVectorAroundAxis to rotate the Level/Mesh around the Pawn.

Hello guys, im hack0re and im french.

I want my entire level to rotate around my Pawn (a rolling ball affected by the gravity).

Maybe By using RotateVectorAroundAxis (or whatever doing this), i want set the level mesh to the “In vector”, and the “Axis” will be the Pawn World location.

I also see a simillar function for making Rotate Something around à defined point, but i dont seem to use it correctly.

The rotations angle must be defined by the Joystick return value. (and my ps3 bigben pc compatible gamepad is not compatible with ue4).

Maybe the RotateVectorAroundAxis is not the right way to do this, but i also search for moving the origin/pivot of an object… i didnt found what i want.

The reason of this Gametype is i want making a sort of “Super Monkey Ball” Remake/Alternative.

If you need any informations, please tell me.

Sorry for my bad english.

Thank you.

Please help me

You definitely do not want to rotate the entire world.

You rotate the player/camera and you change the gravity direction if you want to. Moving every single object in the world is definitely not a good idea and I can’t see any reason why you would need to.

interesting thought. Certainly possible. I would imagine you would link your inputs to the rotation of your level. The biggest issue you will have is that you would require fully dynamic lighting and fairly small-ish levels as you’re rotating a ton of actors. But build your designs around the size of prototypes. When I get home i’ll have a go at creating this.

oh yeh for your player character you would only need to have your character be a physics object as the rest of the movement is world rotation based.

Thank for your reply, the stages/levels doesnt need any advanced lightning technique or advanced materials/textures.
The levels/Stages doesnt use any complicated meshes, nothing that can slow the game.
Please check some Super Monkey Ball 2 videos for see exactly what i want to do.
I dont want making the Ball roll like the Ball template, I really want making the entire Stage rotate using the Ball location as pivot.

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