Use ProjectileMovement with Particle System


So I’m trying to have my character shoot a fireball as a bullet, I made the event graph, set the ProjectileMovement Component. In the viewport I putted a Sphere and my ParticleSystem. The Sphere does what I want it to do but the Fireball just lay in the air where it was spawned.

Does someone knows how to make my fireball move?

Thank you!

Attach it to the Sphere component. Make sure it’s a child. If that doesn’t work. Add impulse in the direction it’s suppose to go in.

Even If I add a point light, the point light follow bullet and the Fireball doesn’t… The issue must be in the ParticleSystem.

I already did :confused:

tried with Event hit, Particle Spawn, Particle Burst and even Event BeginPlay… none works

I found it!

Needed to check Use Local Space in the Required Module.

I hate it when I’m searching for half an hour, post here and find the answer 10 mins later lol


Good job finding the answer on your own! Best way to learn!

Hi, I am having the same problem. Where do I find the “Use Local Space in the Required Module”


So first I would suggest to not use Cascade anymore but use the new Niagara System instead ^^

But if you want to/have to keep Cascade, it’s the “Use Local Space” checkbox, inside of the “Required” Module, it’s inside the particle system and you have one for each emitter, it’s the yellow box :stuck_out_tongue: