Use only Translation / Rotation of a bone from animation

Is there a way to use only the translation or rotation of a animation/cache? ex: applying a additive that only affects translation.

Hey @Rypz!

When you say translation, are you planning on having a bone “separate” from the initial mesh, or just be in a different position? Do you need to just rotate a bone without affecting the rest of the body?

If the second is true, Additive animations and layered animations are the way to go, especially since you can pinpoint exactly which bones get affected. Here is the documentation on both:

As well as some good non-Epic affiliated videos going over the nodes:

Additive Animations | Adv. Anim Application [UE4]

Layered Blend Per Bone | Adv. Anim Application [UE4/UE5]

Any additional information yoiu can provide, like more specific use cases, will be a big help in solving your problem if the above does not work for you!

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I have a movement chain that goes into a procedural additive aim. The goal is to keep the movement animation while aiming, however, the rotation of it makes for a bad experience, so I am trying to find a way to eliminate that, but keep the translation. I added a screenshot with some examples. What I’m trying to do after all is get a blend that can separate translation and rotation.

Hey @Rypz,

I’m not sure quite sure what you are meaning by

Do you mean that you want the lower body to keep the animation while you have the upper body perform the procedural aiming animations? If that is the case, there is a blend per bone node in the blend nodes link above that can affect specific bones and avoid ruining your upper body.

Could you provide a gif or video of the error you are receiving during play?

It’s for a first person game, I just need to blend the ik_hand_gun bone. While aiming, if i walk it starts to get off-centered because of the rotation.

I found a way to do what I was trying. To remove the rotation from the previous cache you need to add a Transform (Modify) Bone that replaces rotation. The alpha will help blend in and out. To fix its rotation afterwards you need a way to modify it to match the rotation of the gun socket (if parented to the bone). In my case the gun socket is parented to the ik_hand_gun so I used a relative transform. Now, when I walk and alpha = 1, the rotation of the walk animation will not be used. Hope this helps somebody.