Use Fixed Frame rate still broken, screen tears with VSync ON

4.10.4 hotfix applied. Still no Fixed frame rate. Screen tearing present.

Question for staff: how does one do a physics game without a fixed frame rate?

My solution so far has been to set min frame rate to 60, max frame rate to 60 and desired frame rate to 60. That sort of works, however since 4.10 (vsync always ON), I get screen tearing every second or so.

Please fix the darn thing, it’s been broken for many versions. I can’t imagine it to be that hard and I’d think it would be high priority?!


Hi ,

The following link:

Fixed vs. variable frame rates in games: what is best, and when?

Does a great job explaing the difference between, " variable frame rates where you work out how much time has passed since the last tick and update actor movement accordingly and fixed frame rates where you work out how much time has passed and choose either to tick a fixed amount of time or sleep until the next window comes."

To this definition, fixed frame rates is working as expected in UE4.10. The framerate at which a game is going to play on the end user’s machine is largely determined by their CPU and GPU.

If I am not understanding what you are saying is broken, please explain in greater detail and provide repro steps so that I can reproduce the bug on our and report it.