Use emissive lighting

Some reason I can’t seem to get my emmisive material to cast actual light into the world even with the flag set in the mesh.

I’ve even bumped the emmisive value up a few hundred and nothing just an obsurd bloom which input a post process volume around it to turn that off just to see if the meshes around it and bsps would light up.

4.13.2 any thoughts am I missing something? :0

Ps this is built from github source

Using emissive for lighting isn’t ideal, the quality is pretty poor and it only works for direct lighting and requires high emissive values. How are you trying to use it?

Actual emissive light works only with static lighting.

I’d like to make light bars.

Use point lights and increase their Source Radius and Radius instead of trying to use the emissive for lighting.

Let me toss in some context. Imagine a large warehouse size room you want light to evenly glow sround the room but light evenly without a billion light orbs.

FYI - Emissive is a color property of a material, not a light.

It is used to represent the color of a material that should still render in the absence of light. E.g. Emissive eyes on a zombie that can be seen in to total darkness.

Technically - Lights and their properties are used in the shader to calculate the coloring of each pixel fragment. Pixel fragments which contain emissive coloring do not require any light contribution to render the emissive portion.

If you were to draw a 100 yard by 3 inch light that could effect the world like a neon sign how would you do it?

So in general, you could use a colored spotlight and then use a light function to control shape:

Light profiles can also enhance:

The sign itself is separate mesh from the light (can be same actor bp, just differenct components)