use background shader?

For a upcomming project I need to create a sort of hole that is only visible from a couple of limited angles…

In maya there’s a shader that makes makes all objects behind the shaded object go invisible, and you can use it to mask out objects. I’ve attached 3 pictures of how it works in maya, and I want to know if someone knows a way to do this in unreal engine! Another example of this is in the trailer for paragons, made in unreal engine.

Thanks for your quick reply!

However It basically cuts the object in half and it’s really hard to control and not exactly what I’m after.
I want the inside of the portal to be invisible if you are looking at it from the side, but be able to look inside the portal from the front.

You can do this by using masked/translucent material with world position opacity. This works like clipping plane.

I thought you want to clip objects inside portal.

Basically you don’t need portal to have inner part. This can be achieved with PixelDepthOffset (parallax).