Use animations stored in variables in anim blueprint

Hello. I’m trying to blend animations in anim blueprint, what’s important is that the animation assets must be taken from variables. I want to change these variables using other blueprints. The problem is, animation blueprint uses “pose link structure” for animation, and i’m unable to create such a variable in my blueprints. I’m using “anim sequence object reference” to store animations, and these two types are incompatible with each other. Are there other variable types I can use? Or maybe other ways to blend animations stored in variables?

Any ideas?

Been looking for same thing.

Came across this from 2015. Sounds exactly like what we’re looking for. It’s a big tease because I couldn’t figure out how to re-create it.

I did find a path forward however with this.

I found the solution to this!

Toss any animation asset into blueprint. Click on that playable animation asset within the anim bp, and look in the ‘Settings’ tab.

The first option is ‘Sequence’ where it shows you which animation is going to be played. To the far right of this option is an ‘expose’ checkbox. Check it.

Now you can plug your animation variable into the node itself.


Thank you!

This is clutch. Works perfectly.