USD Animations with Sequencer

Hey guys,

I have a USD file that I load in via the Stage Actor. I have animation, that I have keyed with the Timecode in Sequencer. When I scrub through the shot in sequencer, the animation plays through just fine. However, when I render my shot, the animation doesn’t play, and my character stays static in the frames rendered.

I’m sure I’m just missing something silly, but what would that be? There is little in the way of documentation on this subject.


I have not used USD before, so this is going to be a wild guess. Did you add the “character” in the sequence recorder.

I didn’t, actually. I figured since everything was moving fine in the sequencer, I didn’t need to record it?

Well, for my sample case, my char (4.24.3) that was animating correctly in sequencer scrub but wasnt rendered out in the movie.
Try having the objects included in the “sequence recorder” and use that recorded sequence to render the movie. Hopefully that would work for your case.