Usage of Oculus Audio Plugin (Bleeding Edge 4.7.8)


After seeing Nick Whiting mention the HRTF (Oculus Audio Plugin) has been integrated in 4.7.8 I went off and complied latest.

I’m just checking base on its usage. Do I just create a new cue, add a mono sound and override attenuation?

Any tips on using this functionality? The twitch stream hinted it was used for the Hobbit demo, would be good to have some of that knowledge shared here :slight_smile:

This is for the GearVR Jam.

I just tried that (mono cue, with SPATIALIZATION HRTF enabled) and it seems quite good compared to when I use the default. Determining if a sound is behind is quite hard though.

I tried this with my Bowers & Wilkins headphones and cheap super market ones. Actually preferred my cheap ones.

I have the feeling it’s somewhat of an art to tweak well.

Hopefully someone from Epic can share their experience using this :slight_smile:

From my limited knowledge of HRTF, reflections from surrounding objects are necessary to get good front/back positioning. Reflections are not yet in UE4’s implementation.