URL Options Not Reaching Dedicated Server

I have set up a dedicated server and I’m trying to pass a username (and eventually authentication details) via the OpenLevel url blueprint. Then, in my GameMode::EventOnPostLogin, I try to read my ‘OptionsString’. There is nothing from the url string in it. As you can see (in the line “Login request: /Game/Maps/map_Entry?user=BlahBlah userId: Invalid”), the url is in the “Login Request” line, but not when I check it in ‘onPostLogin’. The “Get Options String” now reads “?Name=Player”. Why is Options String incorrect here?

Additionally: When this “Login request” line talks about a “userId: Invalid”, what is that? Is that a method I can use to login to my dedicated server?

See this server console output:

[2017.12.31-22.12.46:145][149]LogNet: NotifyAcceptingConnection accepted from:

[2017.12.31-22.12.46:146][149]LogHandshake: SendConnectChallenge. Timestamp: 4.827753, Cookie: 163115187011075030232155086225172026244235221111001191105070

[2017.12.31-22.12.46:177][150]LogNet: NotifyAcceptingConnection accepted from:

[2017.12.31-22.12.46:177][150]LogHandshake: SendChallengeAck. InCookie: 163115187011075030232155086225172026244235221111001191105070

[2017.12.31-22.12.46:178][150]LogNet: Server accepting post-challenge connection from:

[2017.12.31-22.12.46:179][150]PacketHandlerLog: Loaded PacketHandler component: Engine.EngineHandlerComponentFactory (StatelessConnectHandlerComponent)

[2017.12.31-22.12.46:180][150]LogNet: NotifyAcceptedConnection: Name: map_Main, TimeStamp: 12/31/17 17:12:46, [UNetConnection] RemoteAddr:, Name: IpConnection_0, Driver: GameNetDriver IpNetDriver_0, IsServer: YES, PC: NULL, Owner: NULL

[2017.12.31-22.12.46:181][150]LogNet: AddClientConnection: Added client connection: [UNetConnection] RemoteAddr:, Name: IpConnection_0, Driver: GameNetDriver IpNetDriver_0, IsServer: YES, PC: NULL, Owner: NULL

[2017.12.31-22.12.46:209][151]LogNet: NotifyAcceptingChannel Control 0 server World /Game/Maps/map_Main.map_Main: Accepted

[2017.12.31-22.12.46:209][151]LogNet: Remote platform little endian=1

[2017.12.31-22.12.46:210][151]LogNet: This platform little endian=1

[2017.12.31-22.12.46:211][151]LogNetVersion: AA02mp_Saving, NetCL: 0, EngineNetVer: 2, GameNetVer: 0 (Checksum: 2369762302)

[2017.12.31-22.12.46:241][152]LogNet: Login request: /Game/Maps/map_Entry?user=BlahBlah userId: Invalid

[2017.12.31-22.12.46:273][153]LogNet: Client netspeed is 10000

[2017.12.31-22.12.46:561][162]LogNet: Join request: /Game/Maps/map_Entry?user=BlahBlah?SplitscreenCount=1

[2017.12.31-22.12.46:563][162]LogBlueprintUserMessages: [gm_Main_C_0] gm::onPostLogin user: “” – ?Name=Player

[2017.12.31-22.12.46:563][162]LogBlueprintUserMessages: [gm_Main_C_0] DispName: PlayerController_0 PathName: /Game/Maps/map_Main.map_Main:PersistentLevel.PlayerController_0 ObjName: PlayerController_0

[2017.12.31-22.12.46:564][162]LogBlueprintUserMessages: [gm_Main_C_0] gm::StartingNewPlayer user: “” – ?Name=Player

[2017.12.31-22.12.46:564][162]LogNet: Join succeeded: 256

P.S. I was thinking that “Options String” is reflecting the original .bat file command that initiates the server.exe, but I don’t have anything like “Name=Player” on this line: “start AA02mp_SavingServer.exe /Game/Maps/map_Main -PORT=7800 -log”

I am doing the same thing in my multiplayer server system and I pull the incoming URL options inside this method:

FString AOWSGameMode::InitNewPlayer(APlayerController* NewPlayerController, const FUniqueNetIdRepl& UniqueId, const FString& Options, const FString& Portal)

Using code like this:

FString PlayerName = UGameplayStatics::ParseOption(Options, TEXT(“Player”));

any solution in this point ?