[URGENT] Somebody seems to be reselling marketplace content.

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I have removed the link you posted as it leads to pirated assets, if you find anyone pirating UE4 assets please send an email to with a link to the site so they can look into it.


So, are you taking legal action against the site? It is discouraging to content creators that there work is stolen and resold in a way that they don’t receive any benefit from.

I am just a forum moderator and don’t work for epic but I know that epic’s legal team take piracy of assets and the engine very seriously and will take the appropriate action.

I know it can be discouraging but to be honest it happens to pretty much all online marketplaces as there is no real way to stop it, although there is no need to be discouraged as the people buying pirated assets cant release a game that contains pirated assets in most of the major markets(which means they wont be able to make even a fraction of the money they could using legit assets), for example if I bought a pirated pack then built a game using that pack and tried putting on something like steam epic’s legal team could have it taken down(maybe additional legal action as well) so the only way I could release the game would be to get the pack from the official marketplace so the creator would still get the money.

but you also face the impact of some people might not know it is pirated. if the site name looks legit and the site looks legit people could easily believe it is just another site you can but assetts and etc off of. like a sellify or gumroad and etc.

yes they can release a game using pirated assets and they will, who is going to check their source code to see if they used it especialy if it’s a blueprint , is Epic veryfing the game assets when you release a game?

Yep. Bottom line is that there is nothing you can do about it. Just like people pirate games,movies and music they will pirate this as well. No real way to stop them. Just have to ignore them. And most of the ones downloading pirated assets are people that wouldn’t have bought the assets anyway.

exactly , to be honest i sometimes download this also to check what am i buying for example i downloaded supergrid, realisticbpweapons and other and when i saw the quality i buyed them becouse they are worth every penny

So you downloaded pirated UE4 assets?..

he is admitting to piracy yes.

no words for this i will just leave the thread becouse i don’t want to insult you . have a nice day

If you know its pirated I think yo probably should not download them lol but back to my point there is a lot of people that would think ti was legit since some of these pirate sites you have to pay to get the assett which is absurd because what about the consumer? as i mentioned you can go to sellify, gumroad and thats not any wa related to the marketplace so maybe they see a site that sells access and assumes it is legit seeing as how it is similiar to the other. they release a product and there product gets ripped up or shut down all because they had no idea it was pirated versions. i think that has to be treated carefully as well. thats why i sually ony buy froma palce someone links to on the forums here such as marketplace, gumroad or sellify BUT you can easily see how it would confuse some/

as you can tell from the example I gave I didn’t mean it that literally.

that’s why people should always double check where they are buying stuff from and never make assumptions.

It’s one thing if someone decides to use stolen assets in his finished product without buying them, which I highly despise, but if someone actually downloads assets to see if the quality matches their expectations then I can understand them.

While I stay away from stolen assets myself, I do see a valid reason in trying something before you buy it, especially if you are thinking about an asset which might costs $100, $200 or more.
There is sadly no way to test the assets yourself and you have to rely on the author to provide as much presentation as possible (and be honest about his assets) and you have to have trust in Epic’s QA.
In the past there were a few assets which were not PBR ready, but were sold under the impression they were (I haven’t encountered those myself, I just remember a thread where this was the topic, if I got that wrong please correct me).

I can see why content creators get frustrated when they see their assets being shared outside the marketplace, but not everyone downloading those assets is a bad person.
If your assets are good enough for their price, something which can be subjective and open for debate, then people will be willing to spend their money on them, but if you have no faith that your asset is going to convince people buying it, then why should we trust you in the first place?

Trust your customers as much as you expect them to trust you.

yeah that’s kinda weird behaviour, cost of those marketplace is incomparable with a budget for a complete game, even a small one, so i dont see any points why do u even take a risk to be caught stealing

sorry, but thats sound so stupid and childish
also -

I haven’t seen these threads yet, thanks for the link. I’m not sure if you are referring to my post or another one (the quote in your post throws me off)?
What I’m talking about doesn’t include the assets to be used outside of a “sneak-peak”.

Also you can’t really compare conventional budgeting to the one most of us here deal with.
For example if I just want to use the BP assets to learn, the pricing of many assets on the marketplace become impracticable. Let’s say I want to have fire propagation, there is an asset on the marketplace for that. Cost? Roughly 115€. If I just want to use it for learning it’s too expensive. So the argument you made in the other thread becomes refuted.

If I now want to use it as is, then I don’t know how good it works. Are the 115€ justified? I don’t know and how am I supposed to get this information?
Luckily the creator has been so nice and offered to build a packaged project so interested people can see how it works.
Another good action comes from Luos, who provided a scaled down version of his environment package for free.
Both actions are great. It allows me to see what I get. I gain the information I want, which otherwise I only could gather by downloading the assets from somewhere else.

Edit: I just want to add that I don’t endorse piracy, I just wanted to bring up another PoV.


The quote and what i think about this exact words.
Link is just a quote from a dev, this is only one which i have seen about drm and i based my opinion about @KitatusStudios quote on that dev quote.

What comes to bp, i have described where “learn” aspect comes from in another thread.

100$ for a feature made in bp is kinda a lot, but that’s autor decision. My personal opinion about those prices, i think thats fair and they can set up a price what they want, since that a marketplace there might be few similar products available at once and people would make better and cheaper stuff than existing products, eventually, even i doing pretty much the same right now. I actually don’t know epic’s state on this stuff, but i think if they want a part of money pie from a unity asset store they allow a competition on a market.

I had to read that a few times until I understood you, have no idea why it took so long for me to get it.

Whenever I think that an author overcharges his asset I would try to talk to him, list what I think needs to be improved to be worth the money or hear him out on why he thinks it’s worth it, but to be able to work this out we would need trials (I think packaged builds work fine in almost every case, but I’m not sure if you can de-package them. Is that possible?). Just complaining about the price without having tested the product is just non-sense.
A thing which would help authors to determine a good price would be sale statistics and as far as I heard those are coming in the future, so this should help to find better prices too.

In the end: let’s just hope that people who try to profit from piracy are getting caught :slight_smile:

In my head, your speculation sound like “illuminatibigbrothercorporations watching you” 0869d88295f1777ae55c95379212cfb5f4e89dd1.png

Hey all,

At Epic, we take piracy of Marketplace content seriously and do what we can to get links like these removed. This is why we’ve got the email alias for reporting piracy as mentioned by smokey13 up top (Thanks for that!). If you come across these sorts of sites or links to pirated content, please send them over that direction so we can address the problem and hopefully get everything sorted out for everyone involved.

It is our ongoing goal to work towards providing the best possible environment for creators of all kinds here in the Unreal Engine ecosystem, and we deeply appreciate your involvement in helping us sustain those efforts :cool: Thanks a ton for spinning this thread up, BlackRang666.

In taking piracy seriously, we have a very low tolerance for participation in the provision or acquisition of pirated Epic or Marketplace creator owned content, as both work against the goals mentioned above and are harmful to the community overall. This sort of behavior is also directly in conflict to the forum code of conduct regarding respect of copyright.

Also, we’ve got some solid Marketplace related feedback in this discussion. Let’s take that up in another thread - either here or a brand new one, so we can more easily find it and address concerns in a more direct manner. As we strive to improve every part of the Unreal Engine, feedback of this sort is imperative for us to make decisions for the product that will best suit the needs of the community. Keep it coming! We’d love to hear what you’ve got to say, let’s get it in a more discoverable place for the Marketplace team :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for staying awesome!