Urgent project: does not save file anywhere after project launcher

Hello there,

I’ve packaging my project using frontend because it’s the only way to get all my levels cooked. When I click cook contact for Mac, apparently only my default level gets cooked as when I package the project from dropdown menu File—>Package Project–>Mac, only my default level plays.

So, the game launches and I can play it… But it doesn’t save where I told it to via Project Settings. It just doesn’t save! Help anyone?

Anyone? I’ve got to hand my game in as an assignment soon and I just have absolutely no idea where the app is saving!

Hey zoiberry,

We apologize for not being able to reach your question sooner, but we appreciate your patience while awaiting a response. In order to assist you in an effective manner, we would like to see if you are still experiencing the issue you are reporting in engine versions 4.8.3 and/or 4.9.2?

If so, would you mind providing some simple steps, screenshots, or any other relevant pieces of information to help us reproduce the issue on our end?

Let me know if you have other questions.

Thank you,