Urgent - Buttons not working on console!

I have finally published my UEFN Poker game to a private island. Everything works great on PC (although I have a whole list of suggestions for Epic.)

However…Buttons that work fine on PC simply do not work on Console. I’ve tested on both PS5 and XBOX Series X, and I never get a button prompt for the UI buttons I’ve created if playing the island on console.

I’m using both button_loud and button_regular widgets, using code that is basically the same as various UEFN examples on the Epic UEFN documentation site. I make sure to set the Input Mode to ALL when I create add the widget for the player. And as I said, it works fine on PC.

Is there some trick to getting this to work on Console? This is a complete show stopper for me.

Sample of working buttons on PC:

How do I get this same button working on console? Any help would be appreciated…I’m basically ready to publish once this is resolved.

So, just as a test, I created a private version that just displays a couple buttons first thing, instead of the more complicated UI shown above. That works fine on console. The issue appears to occur when I have buttons that get hidden and then shown again…at least that’s my best guess right now.

So is there some requirement to do something other than just set a button’s visibility to make it work on console? Again, there’s still a difference in behavior between PC and console, so not sure how to resolve this.

Got it working! There’s definitely some kind of bug in the UI/Button functionality, though.

For others facing the issue, here are two items that helped me get past the non-working buttons issue.

First, don’t hide buttons. I originally had buttons on a single canvas that were being created all at once, and conditionally hidden when they weren’t needed. I’ve now broken that out into multiple canvases that I create as needed. That means I’m frequently recreating canvases, which I assume has some overhead associated, but it at least works.

This leads to a second issue, though (and is why I originally had a large canvas with all the buttons to begin with.) If you DO have multiple canvases, and more than one at a time set to receive input (Input mode=all), then the game seems to get confused and sometimes doesn’t show button prompts or allow you to use buttons.

SO, in short…don’t hide buttons and don’t show multiple canvases/UIs with more than one set to input mode.

EDIT: To clarify, the reason I say there is a bug is that behavior is different between PC and Console, which I’m assuming is not intended. I have no idea if the hide button functionality is intended to work the way it does, but I assume that the behavior should be the same between PC and Console, and that definitely is NOT the case right now. The game was fully functional on PC even before my latest changes.

One the plus side…Woohoo! It works now on Console!

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PokerNite is finally live! Please check it out and let me know your thoughts! Feel free to share with anyone that might enjoy it.

Island Code: 0004-2034-3582