Urban City Pack

Where are the doors? It seems that all the buildings have windows only, i know there are archways but inside the archway is just a window. There is one single white metal door but can’t be used with the large commercial buildings its just not realistic. Can i put in a request for some exterior door ways to be added that you would typically find on these large buildings? Even in the built examples included i don’t see any doors.

Hey there, if you look under “props” there should be more doorways to use on the exterior. We have this planned to be updated early next year and would include prop doors that swing open to lead into interiors.


Thank you,

for some reason i was expecting to find them built into the walls with the one white door that is. Nice to see some double door options exist, looking forward to the update.

It’s been over a year since Urban City Pack has released and has continued to be our bestseller. Luckily, we have not abandoned this pack. It’s been on our mind… it haunts us as night… it’s the crying baby screaming “update me!” and just needs a bit of TLC.

We have been gathering a ton of feedback and now have a gameplan on how to tackle a major update for this pack! There are lots of features we have been adding to our newer packs like Medieval Village and Industrial City that make Urban City look outdated.

Here’s a quick summary of some things we have been tackling the past few weeks to give this pack longevity:

  • common scale pass on all assets
  • material pass
  • interiors! our biggest request and we have delivered :slight_smile:
  • hyper-modular and level modular pieces
  • transparent windows to see those beautiful interiors now
  • addition of new signage (street, store fronts

Having to universally scale everything up or down to match a third person character size caused quite a bit of issues for the buildings. Modular/hyper-modular pieces ended up being off the grid and not match anything to the power of 2. Luckily with Unreal’s vertex snapping we were able to find a middleground solution that made it work. Another thing we are trying to sort out is a transparency issue on the windows. Since the concrete is connected to the window texture, the glass part has to be see through but this causes the concrete window sill to be see through as well.

We have a laundry list of other things we plan to tackle that will be announced once they’re started. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the work we’ve been doing. Everything is still work in progress.
Doing a quick test to see transprancy on the windows and into the interiors. We think this really adds depth to the buildings and more life. One thing we did to the municipality building was add more geometry to the exterior giving it a bit more “pop”

Currently our windows are using an emissive texture to fake lighting in the windows. With proper window and interiors, you would be able to add an actual light inside and help sell the realism of your level.

Shot of our interior shells, we’re looking into finding a good way to add interior walls but haven’t figured out the best solution just yet.

Added a lot more corner pieces to make sure everything snaps together perfectly. We spent a lot of time cleaning up the hyper modular pieces. Once we scaled things properly, we noticed a lot of cracks on the walls and no corner pieces. We used a dirty trick to create them before by intersecting side walls together.

Inside of the hyper modular walls

Now that doors/interiors are enter-able, we had to thicken them and make sure they are two sided. We also modeled in a bit more detail such as the door handles since the player will walk right up to them now.

Some new materials we have been playing around with. Higher resolution walls, ceilings, ground textures for the buildings. Most of the textures in the current pack are 1024x1024 so we felt it wouldn’t hold up in the future.

Work in progress for some street signs being added to the pack. We felt like it’s a standard in most urban cities so it was a must add.

Details up close! We used a height map mixed with a metallic map to give it that reflective look. The finer bumpy details come from a height map

That’s all for now! All these fixes and new content will really add a breath of fresh air to this outdated pack. We will have more updates as this pack continues to be worked on.

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

Excellent, cant wait to try those. :slight_smile: The interriors in industrial city pack give massive addition for the immersion, even if the building would be empty inside. The town enviroment will feel much more interactive.

I think the interiors will too! Having a light, or a few buildings that can be entered will add much more depth to levels. With the addition of more street signs it will make the city feel fuller too!

Awesome. Cant wait to play with this

One of my very first purchases can’t wait to get reacquainted!

Excellent! It was one of the first batch of releases on the Unreal Marketplace and a lot of customers seem to have it. We feel the face-lift will bring a much needed rejuvenation to the pack :slight_smile:

I’m kinda holding off on this pack due to the fact my game im making needs lots of interior buildings that one can enter, once this and your other packs have interiors that you can enter/modular buildings then I’ll buy it straight away :stuck_out_tongue:

Industrial City has interiors and so does a lot of their other packs I say go ahead and grab it can’t hurt. Set it up and wait for the update.

EDIT: I’ll be getting this as soon as its updated, I have industrial and post apocalyptic but im having a few problems getting the assets to work correctly in my project.

I responded to this on the Industrial City thread but just in case you miss it:

If you just copied the folders into your own project there’s a high chance that it will be broken. Follow these instructions on migrating assets from our products into your own projects…ate/index.html

Let me know if this fixes your issues

Quick update on some new props added:

Any new updates on this pack? Once it gets updated with interiors and the rest, this will be a must buy. Are you going to increase the price when you update it? Just asking in case I should buy it now.


Also cant wait the interrior update. :slight_smile: Also news of other coming stuff.

We are almost done! There was a lot more to fix and update than we thought. We will build a new demo level this week and should be finished the week after. And no, there will be no increase in price :slight_smile:

Awesome! Super hyped!

About to buy the current version of the Urban City pack. If I get started working with that (mostly with roads), should it be fairly easy to swap in the new assets once you release the update? Thanks, it looks great!

how long till this update is ready?