Urban City Pack


Hey Everyone,

My latest Marketplace submission, Urban City Pack, is finally about to hit the store. So I thought I would start this thread, and answer any questions you may have, and of course take any suggestions for any future submissions.

Here’s a link to our Urban Pack page on

And as well, if you want to keep up with the latest info, please check out our fan page as well as our youtube channel


-Cody Spahr

Hello Cody,

i purchased your pack and I’m not quite happy with it. I don’t want to bash the overall quality of your work, as I’m unhappy only with the roads (which is a critical element for me), the buildings, foliage and props are great quality and I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for that.

What is quite problematic for me are the roads, as there are just 4 “completed” roads and something like modular road set, which includes only straight lines and crosswalks. No turn, no intersections. How am I supposed to build a city from that? So i would be very grateful if you would consider to add more road elements and also more ground elements in overall, as you materials (referring to sidewalk in particular) don’t work well with BSP brushes.

As well as collisions on completed buildings are quite broken.


If you have a road static mesh you can use Splines to place them, they will curve etc.

i Know that, the problem is with the road static mesh is that there is not side walk (in fact, there is no sidewalk object at all) and intersections are still a problem.

Hey guys, I am just finishing up a big update for the package which will include more modular road parts, a comprehensive breakdown (video & documentation), as well as a bunch of other improvements, bug fixes, few new assets and blueprint updates. The biggest thing is adding all the fbx files for further customization. I excluded these originally to keep package size down, but from the sounds of it, people want to export these assets into their 3d software and customize them accordingly.

I am just wrapping everything up today/tomorrow and hopefully get this update in some time this week. Sorry for the issues. In the future, please email , as I am much more likely to respond to that faster than this thread. But I think this update will fix all the problems your having.

Thanks for the update and definitively looking forward to that update. Aside from more road blocks, incl sidewalk and fixed collision on both roads and buildings, i would also welcome tileable sidewalk material. The material as it is now, including yellow lines and manholes, is quite hard to be used on BSP brushes/planes. And if you would release roadtexture in .psd format, so i can modify lines (for instance, crosswalks are different in Europe), it would be ultra awesome :slight_smile:

Hey ENiKS, the sidewalks will be included in the update. And I will add the road texture and road line textures into the package specifically. Im planning on submitting it sometime today. Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

I just wanted to say this pack is nice and thanks for releasing it. I too had a collision issue but can tell it is the automated collision on the building stopping my character from crossing roads, it was a easy fix. Looking forward to your update and hopefully Epic doesn’t take months to push out once it is submitted.

This is the packs first update, so I have no experience with how long it may take. We have also begun the process of keeping up to date documentation on each package. Its still in its rough draft (there needs some better formatting to avoid walls of texts haha) and other pack documents are on their way, so keep in mind its very WIP if you happen to read it. You can find the latest version update fixes here. The updated has been submitted to Epic, I have no idea when they will get to it. I would like to assume it will be launched sometime this week, but fully understand that with their schedule it may take a little longer.

It will be several weeks. Epic is almost as slow with regards to updating packs as they are with putting up new ones.

:frowning: I wonder if I could bribe them with a paypal balance enough for 1 beer.

I want to buy the “Urban city pack by polypixel” kit (85$)= ksh 8,057, but it always gives an error. I have subscription and I am trying to buy with the same card(debit). Always gives me an error: “error code: E80-3230-0”. Could the problem be my own bank account? Thanks for help!:wink:

has the update hit yet

Hello, nice pack and overall the city is quite nice to get started with. Thanks for releasing this pack!

I just wanted to add that the overall scale for all your objects is down by around 0.4. I imported a Pontiac Firebird model with correct dimensions and it looked like a huge stone replica in there. I have to scale down every vehicle I need to get it in there and approximate the import scale of the mesh as well as throw wild guesses at wheel collision shape radii, which is a major pain.

In addition to the building collision meshes, I also had to fix the collision for road static meshes with multiple collision shapes for road and side-walks. Now the vehicles behave much more realistically.


Also, there are a bunch of errors regarding some overlapping UVs for a door and NULL static meshes for ‘sky4’ when we build the lighting. I sent these via email but did not receive any response, so I had to post this here. If you can double check before compiling your next pack update, it’ll reduce more rework.

I hope these issues are fixed in your repack. Let me know if you need help with anything. It would be lovely to see a bigger city than this block come alive without any issues! :slight_smile:


Im sorry to ask considering most people keep asking but do we know what the status on the update is?

Question about the buildings in this pack. Are they one-sided meshes or visible from either sides?

There are several completed buildings, which all completed from all sides, or modular parts which are one sided.

Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know that the update is not yet live :frowning: . Here are patch notes along with some documentation. Hopefully it will be up soon. The moment we know, we will try our best to get the word out.

We did fix a fair amount of bugs, updated a lot of assets, and even added a few more. We hope when this goes live, you guys like the new improvements and hopefully dont get bogged down by some off the collision issues (which is still making us scratch our heads how it appeared in the first place). But I wanted to take the time to say that the update will technically be Version 1.1 of the pack, and we are actually in the midst of working on version 2 update. I started working on this pack in version 4.3 and since then UE4 has seen some insane improvements, and we want every pack to keep up to date with the latest tech and marketplace standards. So we hope to have a bit more information about this soon, so please, send us your feedback at And we will try our best to make this the best city resource on the store.

Thanks guys.

I just got the word from Epic that the update is live!

Just bought the pack, and the meshes are not completed from all sides. They’re one sided. :frowning: gg $85

Only buy this pack if you’re planning to use the buildings as decorations. None of the meshes in this pack are designed for interior construction

EDIT: The meshes in this pack are very high quality though