Urban City Pack

still haven’t received/seen the update as yet.

Same here i Re-downloaded the pack and didn’t notice anything different.

Can you give a more comprehensive guide (e.g. video guide) on how to construct modular roads? Your website has a nice written section with 2 gifs but it’s not enough :frowning:

Also is my pack just bugged or do most of my modular roads have no textures on them?

I also dont seem to notice a difference in the pack

Umm Yea

This set has some nice features but the modular road system is **** tbh. It is essentially all flat pieces of static mesh components. The five pieces they show in their screens and videos have raised edges to denote the sidewalks. However, the rest are just plat planes that you can snap together. For $85 dollars I was expecting the modular pieces to snap in with the highlighted pieces with no problems, buyer beware as the designer stated something on 2/9 that he was updating it soon.

Hey guys, I just checked the marketplace and it doesnt seem like the update is live. There should be a new ‘Breakdown’ scene in the pack thats new to the update for example. If you dont see that, it is definitely not live. I will double check with Epic, see whats going on.

And Volachio and Darktrooper, the roads have a been more stressed tested in the new update. And should work rather well with the regular UE4 spline system. In my new ‘Breakdown’ level i made a little example from scratch using all UE4 tools. And I think I will make a video today just to make things that much more clear. This is an art pack, and theres no custom road ‘system’ involved. So I really relied heavily on the existing standard UE4 spline tools. I think because of this there was a bit of oversight on what would be needed. After some feedback and really testing, I think we have all the pieces to really get a dynamic road layout to a good standard. There is just a bit of tinkering involved and I think a quick video should help.

Im putting this #1 on my plate right now. Hopefully ill get some answers about the update from Epic, and ill get that tutorial up asap.

Yeah a video would be amazing. Thanks!

K, I just finished up the video recording. Going to get someone to clean it up. Its a bit on the spot so the prep work was a bit minimal, so hopefully i touched on all the aspects needed. Hopefully get the video up tonight(link it here once its up). The thing is, in the video im working with assets that are only in the update. I emailed Epic so hopefully that doesnt take too long to get it all sorted out.

Thanks for the patience :slight_smile:

Got the video up. :slight_smile:

Hope it helps. And if you have any other questions, dont hesitate to ask.

My god. This is exactly what I, and probably everyone else, was looking for. This modular road system is probably the most comprehensive one in the marketplace right now. I think this modular road set will be a major selling point for this pack.

Also when will the update go live? Right now most of the modular roads in my content folder has no texture

Looks great, I am glad i didn’t run off an rate the package just yet. It deserves a much better score after these improvements. Kindly let us know when Epic publishes the update. Looking forward to the car and weapon packs Spahr.

Thanks XERT,

We are pretty focused on keeping packs constantly improving based on feedback. And keeping them up to date with the latest tech, tools and competition. Its always very exciting to get the chance to go back and improve on a product. Everyone here is a developer most likely and can probably attest to that feeling after launching a product or game.

So all we can do right now is let you guys know when its live, as its in Epics hands(which seem very full at the moment).

I’m pretty sure this was already available… the modular road designing using splines. I think he just showed it as a tutorial. You dont have to wait for the update to use it. Just pop your modular roads in there. Add the splines and drag them how you want them. I figured it out without documentation… it did take me like an hour or so to do though.

Just add the textures to your roads… takes a few mins to do them one by one but you only need to do it once.
See image

Oh also, for the guy that mentioned the collision was off… I just removed collision on the building models completely and used complex collision as simple. This allows ledges to be stood on and doorways to be hid in… etc.

Future updates I’d suggest

  • The building models even though theyre whole from all sides on the outside… from the inside theyre hollow. which is fine… but they’re also see through and walk through-able from the inside. Make the models complete on the inside and make them so that the USER can add a door if they want, but leave the doors open. Or make it so that the doors/windows are optional. That way building an interior can be done… and the players can enter the buildings. I used the modular section to build the ground floor with a doorway, and propped a model building on top. and built my own interior walls but this only works if you don’t want the player to be able to exit out a window or rooftop…which is limited… unfortunately UE4 doesn’t allow subtractive space on models… if so this would be simple.

I can’t seem to figure out how to make the lights in the buildings be on or off at random… nor the puddle/aging of the buldings stuff…
Good package, but still a bit on the pricey side.


Wow I didn’t know this. Which one of the 4 road materials should I use?

EDIT: Nvm figured it out

That’s a very good idea with the interiors! I was also thinking of doing a little start up pack for interiors, and do a quick example out of BSP brushes. I think trying to make a fully modular interior pack would deserve an entirely new package by itself. But I could probably mock something up really quick, and have enough added content to do some standard layouts. Id probably have to adjust how the windows would be done…maybe build some animated doors you could swap in…okay im just getting excited and rambling! No promises now, but I am currently working on the pack and something like that could take only a day or two. Thanks for the suggestion!!

And right now, you can go ahead and make the roads like that, but the update will have a more tested set up for sidewalks and intersection. As well that example I quickly built to show the power of UE4 splines.

And Volachio I would suggest the ‘Inst’ as it will have some material parameters you can easily adjust on the fly. :slight_smile:

I have a problem. The sidewalk is not facing the right direction right now, and I can’t find any methods of rotating it.


Sorry Valachio, as I mentioned it before, the tutorial steps I went through applied with the new assets in the upcoming update. This problem wont occur once you have those assets. I PMd you, I should be able to help a bit more hands on for now. Quickly resolve this issue until the update hits. :slight_smile:

It’ll work if you size it right and rotate it. I’m assuming you meant he crosswalk. The sidewalks I didnt use. I just created a concrete plane and the roads fit in… the concrete plane looks like sidewalks beside the roads.

Use this to rotate… choose the spline tool. click the road you want to rotate (NOT the spline icon) then adjust the x/y in the side


A startup interior pack would be awesome. I’d probably buy that. However as a less complicated update to the Urban City pack. I’d still prefer the option of making my own interiors when I want to. The full models for the buildings are great from the outside.
When I said completed interiors, I just meant the walls from the inside. So if there was access to the inside, the player couldnt see through the walls when standing in the building to the outside, nor could they walk through the walls and get outside (which is possible right now). It can still be completely hollow other than this. But subtractive/optional windows (made of actual breakable glass and doors would be nice… (imagine you wanted go to the 7th floor window and snipe someone… or to climb onto a roof top and snipe someone in the street or something.) Just hollow inside is fine. The user can create their own internals. Or buy an internal starter pack and create them.

Oh… and a city skybox/backdrop would be cool too…

When si the update?