Urban City Pack

Excellent, cant wait to try those. :slight_smile: The interriors in industrial city pack give massive addition for the immersion, even if the building would be empty inside. The town enviroment will feel much more interactive.

I think the interiors will too! Having a light, or a few buildings that can be entered will add much more depth to levels. With the addition of more street signs it will make the city feel fuller too!

Awesome. Cant wait to play with this

One of my very first purchases can’t wait to get reacquainted!

Excellent! It was one of the first batch of releases on the Unreal Marketplace and a lot of customers seem to have it. We feel the face-lift will bring a much needed rejuvenation to the pack :slight_smile:

I’m kinda holding off on this pack due to the fact my game im making needs lots of interior buildings that one can enter, once this and your other packs have interiors that you can enter/modular buildings then I’ll buy it straight away :stuck_out_tongue:

Industrial City has interiors and so does a lot of their other packs I say go ahead and grab it can’t hurt. Set it up and wait for the update.

EDIT: I’ll be getting this as soon as its updated, I have industrial and post apocalyptic but im having a few problems getting the assets to work correctly in my project.

I responded to this on the Industrial City thread but just in case you miss it:

If you just copied the folders into your own project there’s a high chance that it will be broken. Follow these instructions on migrating assets from our products into your own projects…ate/index.html

Let me know if this fixes your issues

Quick update on some new props added:

Any new updates on this pack? Once it gets updated with interiors and the rest, this will be a must buy. Are you going to increase the price when you update it? Just asking in case I should buy it now.


Also cant wait the interrior update. :slight_smile: Also news of other coming stuff.

We are almost done! There was a lot more to fix and update than we thought. We will build a new demo level this week and should be finished the week after. And no, there will be no increase in price :slight_smile:

Awesome! Super hyped!

About to buy the current version of the Urban City pack. If I get started working with that (mostly with roads), should it be fairly easy to swap in the new assets once you release the update? Thanks, it looks great!

how long till this update is ready?