UPROPERTY() TArray of UTexture2D is editable in the details panel, but remains empty in memory

I have a TArray that I expose to the default editor of a custom UObject. The TArray is showing up in the details panel exactly as it should, but when I create breakpoints and check the values inside the Array, it is empty, no matter how many textures I add in the UI (See Screenshots).
Here is How I have the Array Declared:

UPROPERTY(Category=Custom, EditAnywhere, AssetRegistrySearchable, meta=(DisplayName="Textures"))
    TArray<UTexture2D*> texs;

Is there perhaps some saving, or committing changes I have to do within the classes corresponding AssetActions Class?

Edit: Realized I wasn’t constructing the TArray before trying to use it, and thought that that may be problem. However, Now I initialize the TArray when this Object is Constructed, and it’s still empty no matter what I add in the Details Panel.