UProperty pointer to a scene Object?

Maybe I’m missing something terribly obvious here, but I have an Actor Class in C++ that has a property that should reference another actor within the current scene - I want the user to select that specific actor from the instanced class’ properties. I’m doing:

UPROPERTY(EditInstanceOnly, BlueprintReadWrite, Category=Gameplay)
	UObject* SplinePath;

But that only lets me select UObjects in the Content Manager (which I don’t want). Any ideas?

You have to declare your pointer as the base-most class you want to be able to select, e.g.

If you have the following hierarchy:







and you’d like to select any actor derived from AMyActor, you need to declare the pointer as follows:

AMyActor* SplinePath;

which will allow you to use any class derived from AMyActor.