Upon importing a static mesh the collision is completely wrong

Hey everyone,

lately I’ve been having an issue with an FBX static mesh. My modeller has created a mesh with complex collision, that literally hugs the walls of the mesh which is supposed to be the shell of an underground/subway.

Upon import I have unchecked the dreaded “One Convex Hull Per UCX” which replaces the collision with some fairly simple collision that the engine decides for you in one hull (as opposed to the collision currently on the model).

So I know for a fact it isn’t that.

Now in the below screenshot is the interior, which I can walk around in and the collision is just like the modeller said. Which is great! (keep reading)

I will zoom out of this model for an overall look at the whole mesh and I come across this monstrosity. Never in my entire life have I ever been given something that has collision screaming “Kill me!!!”.

I’ve encountered uncapped poly’s on collision…however this is either majorly uncapped (which the modeller said it isn’t) OR the following:

  1. I’ve done something to botch this FBX on import
  2. My modeller has overlooked something or hasn’t created collision correctly
  3. It’s a UE4 bug
  4. It’s a sign of the apocalypse

So I’m throwing it out there to my fellow designers, developers and artists, let us vanquish this demon so it never rears it’s ugly head again and if it does, people will know how to thwart it!

Okay it turns out the modeller had done the collision wrong! Panic over!

I’d really like to know how you fixed this. I’m having the same problem with a complex mesh I created in blender.