Updating a rendertargets resoltuion when screenresolution changes?

I need an offscreen rendertarget, which has the same size as the screen the game renders to(So basically it must have the same resolution as the Screen’s Rendertargets). Currently i can only set a fixed size(in editor) but this is a problem when changing Screensize in editor or switching between Window-Mode and FullScreen. I try to create a Proof of concept Portalsystem(Only visual side for now!) as i did in another engine. For this i must capture what a specific portal sees, but on a screensized rendertarget.


I’d like to know that too :slight_smile: Perhaps it’s possible to create a RT texture at runtime instead of through the content browser. I just got portals working, I’ll post a video of that in the community WIP thread soon. :slight_smile:

Have you guys found out how to deal with rendertargets at runtime (create/resize)? Need it as well…