Updating a 5.1 to 5.2 project

Hi all,
So with the updated to MetaHumans, and the procedural foliage, I can’t ignore 5.2 for the good of my project, which includes MetaHumans AND a lot of forest.
I have a 5.1 version of the project which has been running well, but when I updated it through the launcher to 5.2, I kept getting oodle errors:

OodleDataCompression: Error: OodleDecode: compressed buffer starts with zero byte; invalid or corrupt compressed stream.

I have tried the deletion and rebuild of shaders, the validation and reinstall of the engine version, the installation of VS2022. Nothing is working.
Tips would be very welcome because I really really do not want to have to rebuild this game from scratch!

Hey @Vinguld!

I found this for you, another thread gave a few other ideas you may want to try!

I appreciate the link! Sadly, I’d already found and tried the DDC both in engine and project with no luck. I’m pretty stumped!