Updated: V2 Free CMU Mocap Animation Library (2500+) Retargeted to UE4 Skeleton

I batch re-targeted the free .bvh CMU Motion Capture library to the default UE4 mannequin skeleton. The import instructions are
located in the .zip file if you need them. Some of them have weird glitches, with arms clipping through mesh and other things.

There are just under 2600 animations, some containing thousands of key-frames. I figured this might save someone time,
as you can single out key-frame ranges or just edit the animations to your liking. Included is a spreadsheet that contains short
descriptions of what the mannequin should relatively be up to in the animations.

The frame0 t-pose has knees bent a bit due to the way I had to re-target these, so re-targeting them to a different skeleton
within UE4 may not have desirable results. As long as the default skeleton is used everything should be good.

All of these are completely free to use just for fun or commercially. Credit goes to the original authors of the animations.
(You don’t have to attribute credit to anyone)
Some info here:

V2: All toe curling should be fixed. These animations are in-place only until I
learn how to implement leaving ground with root bone.

Here are all the In-Place animations already loaded into a UE4 project as
.uassets. (To skip long import process)

4.17.2+ Project Files:


Really? Re-Targeted to UE4 skeleton? Wayyy cool, thanks!

Yes, although a lot of stuff may be unusable because not in-place + no root motion on top of it, but I figured some of it could be used for something in ue4.
It sure is a ton of stuff to search through,

You are the animation god. Thank you :slight_smile:

I was searching through it, and there are more glitches in them than I thought. It’s pretty funny to see but I will try to improve them when I have time. The original animations only have like 30 bones so I have to make a 30 bone rig that’s accurate somehow and can still talk to unreal’s rig.

Going to have a look through these a little later this week, looks promising!

I am going to try to batch add root bone/root motion into this pack as well if possible. Or at least convert them all to in-place and make another pack. I will update this if I am able to.

I updated yet again with another repack of the animations: this time all in-place. I tried to include root motion for leaving origin, but I am unsure of how well it was implemented. When character leaves the ground, unfortunately the root bone will stay on the ground. But the animations should all work fine as is at the origin, a.k.a in-place. Frame0 includes the t-pose, and they still require some personal editing to loop perfectly. But since they are in-place they would be decent to make various blend-spaces from.The updated link is at the top of the thread.

Wow. I told you some were really jittery and messy. Theyre old, but its still nice for cmu to hand it out. It’s tough work just renaming them, or cross referencing that list with animations, or just making sense of what its doing. Some were worthless poses. If I remember right there were some basketball ones, and when I opened one it glitched in the middle of dribbling a ball, and his head connected to the hand. So the skeleton would dribble his head upside down. It cracked me up. Thanks for all your work. In another week I’ll have mocap set up in my garage. If you need something let me know.

They are of varying quality but I found some really great ones, so thank you very much for providing the pre-converted UE project!

Great works. Here as mentioned most of useless animations, but bunch of great. It need some work but for my project biggest issue is no hand (fingers) animations. Is possible to enable it? Recreate is not possible mostly.

Well there are a lot of jitters and it is purely raw animdata, which unfortuantely I think had no finger data translated. If I have time I will see if the original data had fingers animated and try to batch re-target them again with the updated data. I used Motionbuilder to do it. I think best use of these, if any, is to truncate them down to a useable sequence within UE4. One can also hand key some finger-anims within UE4 or modify the animations some within UE4 also.

Thanks for these. =) A few of us modders are working on translating these animations to work with the human characters in ARK: Survival Evolved. I’ll let you know how it goes!

Holy… are you serious?! This is… awesome!

I appreciate it. But there not in place for me

yes great work , but it is like searching for needles in a hay stack. I was looking for a basic melee kick animation , but I could be looking for days , if there even is one.

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@razmaz51 In the first link to the original files you can search for keywords. Kick brings up a few different kicks and even sample video of the original animations. Then you can decide if you want to download the re-targeted files/project. Which itself then contains a spreadsheet for keyword search.

Thank you very much!

a workaround to avoid the t-pose at start of each anim and synchronise with the end of the anim ?

Just came here to say thanks!! I was getting overwhelmed thinking about how to retarget just one of these.