Updated Search Functionality

Hi everyone,

You may have noticed a slight change today to the search functionality of the Marketplace. When using the search field, an auto-complete list will appear based on what you enter. There are more search updates to come in the future. We encourage you to check it out, use it, and give feedback.


The Marketplace Team

Excellent to see these changes rolling out! Looking forward to the rest coming :slight_smile:

Great addition! One suggestion would be to include keyword matches more dynamically (sorry I’m not a web designer so I don’t know the right terminology) but like I searched for “Weather” and the only thing that came up was, “Weathered Rocks and Stones” but what I was looking for was to see if the system would pick up, “Orbit Weather & Seasons” which it did not. Keyword searching like that could help out a lot in case people don’t know the exact name of an asset, also keyword searches that include the parsing of product descriptions when they’re brought into that dropdown (based on relevancy) could help people who are browsing for an asset that contains something that they want if they don’t know what each asset’s name is or what each asset contains.

Thanks so much for providing us with a platform for us to provide feedback with, I hope none of what I said sounded rude, honestly just wanting to help make the marketplace the great resource that it can be!


Hi hippowombat,

This is a great suggestion. We are still working on a few more updates for the search functionality, this was the first, and admittedly minor, update to the search feature thus far. Keep an eye out for further improvements and if you ever have feedback, feel free to let us know. You can post on the forums or send me a message.


If I type “Sav”… my plugin name appears;
If I type “Save”… my plugin disappears from the list. (but there’s “Save” in its name) :frowning:

Great to see more updates coming along. =)

Happy to see some updates on the marketplace and thanks for your work. However, i think this minor enhancement is not very much likely to help creators. At least until you guys change search query from <keyword>* to <keyword>. I mean just look at my assets’ names. Users should start their search with “Chameleon” or “Look” to get my product :cool:

In the end, it’s a +1 feature and thanks for that.

Its some improvement, but I agree with the others that there’s quite a bit missing to make it work great. Like, if I type “mini” I don’t even see my “UMG Mini Map” in the list. In general it’s a bit stupid that a search for “minimap” does not find my minimap and you need to enter “mini map”.

You should make it possible to specify tags for assets or something like that.

Inclusive search is something they are aware of last time I spoke with the staff. As Adam mentioned in the first post, this is the first of many search updates. =)

Hopefully these new search features dont take ages to implement like all the other features we have seen so far.

Thanks for your feedback, we did some improvement to the auto-complete feature.

  • Type “mini”, you will see “UMG Mini Map” in the list
  • Type “weather”, you will see “Orbit Weather and Seasons” in the list
  • Type “save”, you will see “Savior Auto-Save Plugin” in the list