Updated from 4.27 to 4.27.2 unable to build APK or launch directlyt o Quest2 (the same project and brand new vr template)

Hey so as in title, after engine update project launcher gives me this

and build APK gives me this

---- uproject does not look like uproject file but no targets have been found! -----

any ideas

brand new VR template is giving me this
------ uproject does not look like uproject file but no targets have been found! ------

Android Studio 4 / SDK 29 / NDK 23 / Jdk1.8.0_301 just to be clear

Same here! Will try on 4.26.2 to see if this issue is 4.27.2 only.

Yep, same project in 4.26.2 do not have this issue.

is there a way to rollback to 4.27 ? tht version worked

also try to disable Open XR Plugin and switch to oculus VR on 4.27.2 that worked for me but, but whats the point it should work.

is there a way to rollback to 4.27.0 version ? that one also worked

Package + Launch work fine on my end with the latest build (4.27.2) Q1 and Q2, so it’s likely not an issue with the version. If the default project isn’t even building maybe do a clean install of the engine?

trust me Sir I did clean installs and asset migration many times that’s not it

This might help you, he goes though the steps from scratch to template build.

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I was having similar problems, I followed this tutorial and it did help me! Thanks!

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Instalin VS 2022 and all the necessary addons help

I know it’s beeen quite some time. But try disabling OculusOpenXR and ResonanceAudio plugin, and enabling Oculus VR plugin

Doing that would break some of the functionality in the VR Template and is not required. If launching on Quest 1/2 doesn’t work in the 4.27 VR Template there’s an issue with the development environment.

can you expand upon what the issue could be with the development environment? possible fixes?

he said he updated his visstudio and it worked fine.
His ms toolchain wasn’t configured right.

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