[UPDATED 5/16] A.I. Templates - Bot, Car, & +Flying AI


Hey Guys Whats Up,

is L. Newton, and today will be making A.I.!

The plan is that I will go through detail about the projects I created. Why I use , why I do that, and how I structure my information to be straight to the point. At time I have my projects available for download. Each project will have its own individual thread for discussion. Thanks for your feedback, let me know what you create!

Here is what I’ve done so far.

Video Series: Youtube Link
PDF Breakdown:https://www.dropbox.com/s/eiozlwc3i7ke059/AIBehaviorTree.pdf
"]MediaFire Link
Screenshots of Progress: MediaFire Share**

DOWNLOADS**(Learning Templates)**
New EQS & Behavior Tree Example:

Flying A.I. Project (Version 4.6.1): Download!](FlyAI)
General A.I. (Version 4.5.1): Download!](http://www.mediafire.com/download/l7j9oav1651odkh/ThirdPersonAIProject.rar)
Attack/Search/Patrol TPP A.I. (Version 4.5.1): Download!](http://www.mediafire.com/download/u4308bikub6e721/AIProject.rar)
->(Version 4.6.1): Download!](AIProject 4.6)
->(Version 4.7.0): Download!](AIProject 4.7)
Car A.I. (Version 4.5.1): Download!](http://www.mediafire.com/download/41mk45ctlgzv73h/CarAIProject.rar)
Car A.I. (Version 4.9.1): Download!](https://goo.gl/L55E03)

Sneak peak of Flying AI:

Special Thanks:
Unreal Devs, Bruno, Scott, Meat, Jan, Yoeri, and other Unreal Devs I left out, Unreal Engine Support Team! + (isAwesome), (Awesome A.I. documentation guys mikepurvis), Broder, MieszkoZ, Espin, and of course Epic!


Work In Progress

The video explains it all!


Work In Progress

Whats going on here? I currently have the leader, following Way Point Blueprint Actors within the Level. Then we have 6 other bots who find the leader, and then are instructed to march in formation. The leader has his orders(follow distance, formation type), and other leader specifications. Currently I’m expanding on the bots to create groups, which will allow fleets of different men to work together.

End Goal?
Have the bots walk in multiple formations in any direction of the leader. Also expand on Way Point Blueprint by creating a system to automate some changes such as routing. That expansion will include way point activated behaviors. I want the system to be robust enough to allow swift changes, and intuitive behavior.



sounds amazing - awesome idea.

Maybe you should have an item use system? I plan to set up a system for my rats to hunt out food and eat it. If I finish it up in time I’ll certainly share it so you can make something a little more generalized from it.

Agree with @n00854180t sounds amazing!
Really excited to hear/see more as the project goes on.

That’s exactly the plan n00854180t! I’m currently working with the A.I. to do like behavior. Senior AI Programmer, MieszkoZ, said DetourCrowds aren’t implemented by default. Goes without saying Blueprint doesn’t have access. There is RVO Avoidance now available, but even then you couldn’t influence the steering velocity without C++ as far as I know. So I’m gauging what is possible with pre-existing systems, figure what steps I may need to take.

Thanks Sitrec! I will be posting updates as they come!

Today’s Minitorial

How to use NavModifiers & NavAreas

What you need?
Project Template of your choosing. (FPS, Top Down, Etc)
Navigation Mesh Built & Ready




A. Create NavArea Blueprint Class
B. Double Click NavArea and go to Defaults, look under Nav Area.



C. Modify the Cost to 10
D. Save




A. Place NavModifierVolume
B. Adjust size and shape accordingly.
C. Look under Default, you’ll find Area Class. Click down and find your NavArea you created in Step#1a.




The cost applied to the NavArea is now affecting the NavModifier. All done!

@, your images aren’t showing up there.

Also, that’s pretty rad :smiley:

All fixed thanks again n00854180t!

Today’s Preview

Car A.I. Template

So currently I’m working on creating Car A.I. within Blueprint (of course). And its going well to say the least. Here are some previews, and I’ll have more updates tomorrow.

Watching as it kills innocent cones.

Following behind it as it follows the routes.

First of all, thanks alot for your tutorials and your work! Its been extremely helpful in learning more about Blueprints and AI :slight_smile: !
I had a question about the AI-bot. I downloaded Project AI from your Dropbox and I only managed to get the Leader State to work. When i set Suggested State to Attack, Follow etc the Bot just stands there. Am I doing something wrong or is it perhaps still in progress and not working yet?

Keep up the amazing work!!

Thanks for the support Olof! Actually only follower and leader work at time for the community project. That is what I’m focusing on at time. If you want my attack A.I., look above and I’ve included all my A.I. Projects. Download the Attack/Search/Patrol TTP A.I.


** now has access to the Projects I create with A.I.! Please be warned, they are works in progress but I will be updating them nightly!**

is all very exciting stuff. Once the AI team has a free second, they said they would drop by to see how things are progressing. If you need any help making any wiki tutorials based off of these, please PM me :slight_smile:

Thanks for that , you’re awesome! I know they’re super busy but that would be so epic! I sure will, I’ll keep in touch.

Cool stuff, ! If you happen to run into issues please let us know. Our AI code is robust in Epic’s internal use cases, but there are so many things we’re simply not doing internally. There’s simply not enough man-power to cover it all. AI is such a broad topic! :smiley:

Keep up the good work!

Thanks ! Also I thank you, and the AI programmers for these great tools. AI is a broad topic, and I know you guys are doing a lot already. I was happy when you put the AI source all within the AIModule so now I can easily study it and try some things of my own. AI has been the highlight of my game deving life. :slight_smile:

Definitely, you too!

I must say tool is amazing. The applications are endless. Who said you needed C++ for an editor tool!

Update on AI Project

is amazing, thank you .

Thank you so much, !

Awesome work here. Also your dropbox links are giving an error saying they are disabled for generating too much traffic :smiley: