Update UMG brush image with scene capture 2d?

I want to have a 2d scene capture update a image brush in a UMG widget. Like if you could tap into a camera, watch the feed and have that update a image brush in a widget in the corner of screen. I have it hooked up but it doesn’t update to the widget. On stop play, it then updates the material that is set to image in widget, but not during play.

We did this for our GGJ game - we wanted a spinning 3D cow in the UI. The source for the game is here, http://globalgamejam.org/2015/games/cowtastrophe at the bottom. It sounds like you’re more or less on the right path. As I recall all we did was hookup the material to the image widget, and the material points at a render target. It’s called the OrderWidget in the UI folder.

Also make sure you have “Used with UI” checked in your material settings